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Extra Info

Squish.Slime.KID is the perfect place for parents, kids, and friends to come together for some fun and creative activities in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We offer a variety of activities for your children to enjoy.  Every activity has been carefully crafted to ensure your kids get the most out of the experience. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for your kids to explore new hands-on activities and to help foster their creativity and imagination. Come join us and explore the wonderful world of Squish.Slime.KID!

  • I see the packages are for 1-12 kids but I have over 12 kids. How do book my event?
    We will reach out 48 hours before your party and confirm total number of attendees. We will edit total amount due the day of the party. The number you confirm will be what is owed regardless of no-shows. We know sometimes guest no-shows happen; however, we portion, pack, and staff according to the number you confirm with us. We can pack remaining kits up and give to the host to use at a later time!
  • Are the ingredients used, safe for my children?
    All ingredients are non-toxic & food grade materials. Do not ingest as we cannot guarantee they will not cause illness. Please reach out if you want to know the specifics and we can guide you to the information.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We request 48 hours for any event cancellations as we understand emergencies & illnesses happen. Due to the perishable nature of our products, deposits are NON-refundable. However, we will work with you on re-booking your event on a different date in the future and apply deposit amount. Thank you for your understanding!
  • What if I have "no-show" guests? Is there a price adjustment?
    The base fee is "X" amount which is listed on the website under each party package. We portion, pack, and staff according to the count of attendees given by the hosts. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a price adjustment under the base fee. We can however pack up remaining supplies to give to the host to use at a later date. (when applicable)
  • What if my child does not have fun?
    We promise this cannot happen. If so, we will absolutely make sure we add a smile to their face by the time we leave!!!😁
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