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About Us

Creating long lasting memories with our children while letting them be creative and curious while having fun in the process

We are a family owned and operated company that started in March of 2023. We are a husband and wife team that have 2 fantastic children who helped spark the idea of this operation. We saw how much they loved to squish, splash, and color their days away so we thought your children would absolutely love it too.

We want to create fun filled memories with your children while letting them learn, laugh and love. They will get their hands dirty as they dive right into these interactive experiences. 


Our Story

One day after looking at what our kids loved to do, MAKE MESSES, we decided it was time for us to either join in or remove all the fun they were having and be "THOSE" boring parents. We saw how much they loved to squish their home made slimes, or paint on the walls, or create goop out of all the products they could find, so we thought how can we turn this into something other kids and enjoy. 

After both of us working in very time consuming and demanding jobs, in sports and entertainment, we decided it was time for some changes. These changes would allow us more time with our children AND potentially be our own bosses, as well as entertain all the other children in the Phoenix area. 

With our years on event management experience, we knew that we could put together something great and that is how we created Squish.Slime.Kid.


Thank you all for your interest and we hope to create something wonderful for you and your children that you can all look back on and smile. 

Meet The Team

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